How to Remove a Vehicle Wrap?

Vehicle wraps advertising is a great method for business to advertise their services, but can also be a great way for an individual to make some extra money just by driving around, as some companies will even pay individuals for the rights to place a colorful wrap on their personal vehicle. These Vinyl wraps are [...]

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March Madness Contest!

[image src="" url="#" width="100%" height="auto" title="March Madness" new_window="false" gallery="false" show_icon="false"]   We have had enough of winter, it's time to heat things up with a March Madness contest! Here is how it works... [one_half][icon icon="star" color="#ffffff" show_background="true" background="#FBBB8F"] Pick Your Winners [/icon][spacer height="10px"] We are looking for the 2 teams you believe will make it [...]

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Brand Awareness through Vehicle Graphics, Five Most Effective Methods

Vehicle Graphics are among the most-effective and low cost methods of advertising; they are fairly-inexpensive solution, easy to customize, and highly visible to potential customers. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America: [blockquote style="normal"]More than 95% of Americans are reached by media targeting vehicle drivers and passengers and boosts name recognition 15 times greater [...]

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New Site Design!

We have just launched a redesign of DFW Vehicle Graphics in conjunction with our parent site DFW Hightech Signs. Our new image seeks to expand on the world of vehicle graphics and mobile marketing through helpful articles, instructional videos, and example projects.   If you would like to see something specific or would like to [...]

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Benefits of Vehicle Wraps

[two_third]Vinyl decals are one of the most effective means of mobile brand advertisement. DFW Vehicle Graphics provide a variety of methods by which you can decorate your company vehicles to turn them into moving billboards that provide you with instant mobile advertisement. For example, you can order decals which display the company’s insignia, brand name, or [...]

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Vinyl Decals: Innovative and Cost effective Solution for Businesses

What is Wrap Advertising? There are different ways of advertising for business. One of the innovative and interesting ways through which one can advertise is through the art of car wraps and vinyl decals.  So the question is what exactly wrap advertising is? Car decals and vinyl advertising is actually a way of marketing through [...]

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What Type of Companies Use Car Wraps?

If you are looking to get your car wrapped with an attractive car wrap, the chances are that you will find some very good services in Dallas. Dallas is home to many vinyl decal and car wrap manufacturers. […]

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Transform Your Car with Less Effort, if You Wrap it Properly

If you are not in favor of expensive sprays and car paints, then try Vinyl Decals for your special vehicle. Car decals are less expensive than sprays as they give extra shine and cover of protection from weather and harmful sun rays. But everybody can’t afford to hire a professional to do the wrapping job. [...]

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