6 Tips for an Effective Bumper Sticker Design and Printing

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6 Tips for an Effective Bumper Sticker Design and Printing

Bumper stickers are a low cost way to place your advertising in front of a large number of audiences. As soon as you or your customers put stickers onto vehicle, it becomes a rolling advertisement. In order to let your bumper sticker effectively spread the message, it needs to be properly designed and printed. Only a well designed and properly printed bumper sticker can be spotted and read quickly by people.

Below we have shared 6 great tips to effectively design and print your next bumper sticker that gets noticed and deliver the message efficiently.

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1 – Use High Contrast Color

Use bright and high contrast colors in your bumper sticker so that it gets spotted easily by people. Do not use more than two or three colors. Be sure to use dark colors for text and lighter colors for background. A light background with dark text makes your sticker easier to read and understand.

2 – Keep the Message Short

In Bumper stickers, you have limited space option which means that you have to use it wisely. In order to use this small space wisely is to keep the message short and make sure it can be read from a five feet distance at least.

3 – Use Die Cut for Custom Shapes

Bumper stickers are normally in rectangular shape but you can get your bumper sticker in any custom shape you like. This can be done using method called “Die-Cut”. It allows you to have your stickers in any shape. Be sure to keep in mind your graphics or message in mind before deciding your sticker’s shape.

4 – Print with Protective Coating

To protect your bumper stickers from weather and fading, get your sticker printed with a gloss vinyl coating. It will protect your sticker from peeling and tearing off.

5 – Test it Before Printing Copies

Put your bumper sticker on your vehicle and ask someone to stand behind the vehicle and see if the sticker can easily be read. If not, then make some improvements and changes in sticker and check it again. Once it becomes visible and easy to read, get its copies printed as much you required and put them on use. By testing your stickers before printing you can save your time and money!

6 – Hire a Pro to Do the Job

To make your bumper sticker eye-catching and worth of your spending, It is very important to get it designed and printed from professionals. By doing so, you can get the bumper sticker exactly as you wanted and can save time and money at the same time.

We, DFW Vehicle Graphics, are a professional sticker design and printing company. We produce high quality and eye-catching bumper stickers that boldly deliver the message and last longer. If you want your next bumper sticker to be so awesome that it impresses your friends, family and customers, get it designed and printed from us. You will get Surprised to See the Results!

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